13 January 2017

What Will I be Eating at The Bell?

We’ve had a lot of questions about what food we’re going to have and what will be on the menu (see comment on our previous post), and I’m afraid for now, we’re being rather coy about it.

However, we are very proud to announce one of our suppliers! Savory Farms will be supplying The Bell with Aberdeen Angus and Venison.


We are delighted to be working with Savory Farms who are based nearby, in the tiny village of Gateley. They have run their business as a traditional family livestock farm for three generations, raising and caring for a few herds in the heart of Norfolk.

They run 70 traditional Aberdeen Angus cows as a suckler herd, breeding their own replacements and supplying local butcher Perfick Pork in Gt Ryburgh with their finished animals. The upper Wensum valley and tributaries where the Savory’s graze their cattle is ideally suited to Aberdeen Angus and the herd is vital for grazing some of the SSSI areas that the Wensum river flows through. You may see them when you pass by Gt Ryburgh or Bintry Mill, converting rough meadow grass into world-renowned prime Aberdeen Angus beef.

Additionally, the Savory’s have farmed Red Deer for the last 25 years less that 3 miles from the pub. They have a herd of 100 females, called hinds, and produce all their own replacements. The hinds are also sold to other farmers interested in starting up, wanting particularly quiet animals. The deer are farmed similar to a Beef Suckler herd, and you may hear the roar of the stags from The Bell during the November mating season.They are easy to care for and a joy to watch.


Farmed venison is very tender and succulent, is low in cholesterol and high in protein, therefore is suitable for people who can’t eat other red meats. They are Red Tractor Quality Assured and you can also find the venison supplied by Fen Farm at local farmer’s markets such as Creake Abbey.

Today, livestock farms are seen less and less. Between the physical work being very demanding and the time delay between conception to finished animal being over 27 months, fewer farmers are able to keep up. The commitment and effort put in at the farm produce amazing results and the Savory’s believe that it is sometimes worth considering the time that is spent to get that beef from pasture to plate.

The Savory’s also have sheep, and run the nationally acclaimed travelling stage show  THE SHEEP SHOW  from their farm. You can see more about this here: http://www.thesheepshow.co.uk/

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