24 January 2017

What will I be drinking at The Bell?

As a freehouse, we will always have a great selection of beers on offer. One of the breweries we’re ecstatic to be working with is one you may already be very familiar with -the Norfolk Brewhouse! We’d like to be able to pride ourselves on supporting local, Norfolk breweries and this is our first step in that direction.


Stop staring …start gazing with Moon Gazer award-winning Norfolk ale

Setting out as an artisan producer some five years ago, husband and wife team Rachel and David  Holliday were driven by passion to share their love of beer and to translate that passion into finely hand-crafted ales and lagers.


A key driver was also to proudly convey the brewery’s Norfolk heritage on each and every product which they sell; I guess the clue is in the name – The Norfolk Brewhouse. They wanted the county name to be a by word for quality, consistency, local ingredients and great taste. Brewing on the family farm they see first-hand the treasures of ingredients on the doorstep – and in specific relation to Maris Otter barley the unique climate conditions which Norfolk has to provide the perfect growing environment, in fact an environment considered to be one of the very best in the world.

In a short period of time, this small, passionate team of just 5 people has built an enviable reputation for quality and consistency for their ales and lagers and indeed for the work that they do in supporting their suppliers and promoting the Norfolk food industry as a whole.


They make the most of all that is around them – using chalk-filtered water from the brewery’s own well and Norfolk’s finest malting barley. Incidentally, they feed the brewing grains back to some very grateful cows.

Even the name of the beers – Moon Gazer Ale – was inspired by the wildlife around the brewery, reflecting as it does the stunning sight of wild hares transfixed by the moon.

All great stuff, but add to this some modern thinking, modern hop varieties, nifty innovation and some very up-to-date brewing kit and you get hand-crafted beers which ensure that every drop is as good as the last.

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