23 November 2015

We’re having a party!

Someone mentioned to us that the fire smoked… and they weren’t joking. So Dave the chimney sweep came and helped us clear out our chimneys and now we’ve had our first fire, which was lovely.

The builders [David, Chris, Brian and Tucky] are now in upstairs busy redecorating and we have also pitched in to strip walls, although I think Marcus may have been a little heavy handed removing old plaster!

Our trees arrived this week and we have planted 17 in our back paddock with the very kind help of Patrick – thank you Mr Cooper, Duncan [Chief digger driver], Rowan [Chief post knocker] and Marcus’s dad, Jeremy [Chief]. Not ideal conditions but they’re in, and the vista is all the better for it. So a huge thank-you to everyone including Mrs. S for hot soup and ham rolls – quite the operation. Back paddock now looks fab, lots of carefully selected specimen trees – something to look forward to in the years to come.

Wet weather is putting a hold on being able to do too much more in the garden until we get a few heavy frosts. Time to focus more on inside. We’re planning on doing some incognito market research, visiting pubs that we like with very small notebooks and keen eyes. Should be fun!

Decided that it would be a good idea – great idea to try and meet everyone before Christmas. We’re conscious that there’s no end in sight at the moment and we wanted to reassure everyone [all interested parties] that we’re on the case and The Bell will be back soon. So we’re having a party! Nothing to Jazzy – a few drinks and the promise of a mince pie in the hope that we can meet more of our future locals and reconnect with those that have already said hello. Christmas Eve, 1-3 p.m. I believe invites are going out this week to everyone in Brisley but if you’re reading this then you’re an interested party, and as such very welcome. (If you’re coming please be kind enough to RSVP as that would be a great help).

Over and out.

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