30 September 2016

The History of The Bell #1

We’re beginning a mini-series about The Bell’s past to see what went on in this age-old building.


There are reports of The Bell Inn dating back as early as the 16th century!

The Brisley village sign – depicting Richard Taverner

One of Brisley’s most famous inhabitants was reputedly born on the site of The Bell. His name was Richard Taverner, and he was best known for being one of the first pioneers of translating the Bible from Latin into English.


His translation, commonly referred to as the ‘Taverner’s Bible’ (pictured above), got him incarcerated by Henry VII in the Tower of London. He was later released and lived to the old age of 70. His version of the Bible is most notable as it was the first translation to be printed in England, opposed to on the continent.

Although he spent most of his life in Oxford, it is striking to think that an historical figure might have originated on the site of The Bell all those years ago. He may have even seen some of the same features that remain today – such as the original fireplace.

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