03 February 2016

Research is key…

We thought February might be a quiet month, but it’s all systems go here!

We’re now super busy taking it in turns sitting for hours at our computer sourcing all manner of materials, furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Research is key, but this does not make for great photos. So no lovely images this time…just a poem.


The Old Lady Of Brisley

Where once she glowed bright in her glory days,

Her chequered hist’ry, and time took its toll,

Alone she stood, her gaze sad and downcast,

The belle of Brisley was frail, fading fast.

Crumbling walls hid an aged beauty,

Like an old lady with dark lines etched deep.

Her memories patched up, secrets concealed

With dust and dirt, but when removed, revealed…

There is life in the old girl yet, and a wish

To stand proud in the village once again,

There’s much to do, new memories to make,

And soon she’ll be back, the same, give or take.

On the green with big skies she still stands aloof,

But now The Brisley Bell is regaining her youth.

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