11 November 2016

Meet Our Head Chef!

Well-travelled & Michelin trained, our ethos-focused Frenchman can’t wait to bring his imaginative blend of flavours to Brisley.

Meet Herve Stouvenel:

Meet our chef.JPG

Herve has over twenty-years’ experience and has worked all over the world from the pink beaches of Bermuda to the rustic towns of Western Europe; from running a huge team to catering for the elite as a personal chef (and just about everything in between). Norfolk is where he has finally put his luggage down and is the place he calls home.

Having lived here for more than ten years, Herve has a full understanding and passion for English cuisine. He became enamored with the British belief in quality local ingredients, which is very much in line with his own ethos. Herve has a strong belief in buying produce straight from the source wherever possible as it not only promotes and supports the local community, it also allows him to have a better understanding of the business and their processes allowing him to cook it accordingly.

His nose-to-tail style means that everything is deliciously utilised with no leftover waste. Less common cuts and offal offer new opportunities and a broader variety, something our head chef fully embraces. As a trained butcher and great enthusiasm for in-house smoking and curing, Herve likes to highlight the importance of craftsmanship and creating from oneself.

Although he was traditionally trained, Herve prefers a blend of modern and classic; tweaking the English meal with French techniques. The dishes he produces benefit from global influences, (from his experience of Spanish, Brazilian, and German cuisines) Herve prefers as few miles on his ingredients as possible so instead, his avid use of spices adds a perfect blend of international to local produce.

Herve has been involved from the early stages and his crucial eye has been paramount to helping curate the kitchen and authenticity of the food. There’s still a lot more work to do in the kitchen but with the Head Chef on site the builders eat well and we might occasionally have a few more recipes to share with you.

Watch this space and enjoy…

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