22 June 2016

Let’s hope ‘flipping July’ is better weather than ‘flaming June’!

Huge apologies for all you lovely people who are avidly following our blog, we’ve been a touch tardy on updating you with our news.

You may have noticed from the signs and the fencing, we are now officially a building site – high viz and hard hats are a plenty. Marcus and the digger are inseparable (apart from when he’s researching drainage and sewage or some such delights) and Amelia is now swamped with measurements and quotes and living every girls dream – it’s all spend, spend, spend!

Ian Stark has been offering invaluable advice on the intricacies of our kitchen design and the finer decor details are currently being finalised.

We’ve heard rumours of our opening on October 1st but think this is a little premature  – However, we promise to let you know as soon as we have an opening date.

We must mention the Brisley Cricket that started up again a few weeks ago, it’s been wonderful to see everyone in action and imagining sitting outside the pub as the sun goes down, watching the cricket, pint in hand – who could ask for more?!


And just for a change – here’s a further update from Aga …

The hardest part of creating the lawn has been levelling the ground – it is finely done! Now we are only waiting for the grass, which was seeded a week ago. The great weather recently makes every flower and tree which we have planted look more beautiful than we had expected.


We have started demolition and all the furniture inside is now gone. This was a favourite point of Tomasz’s work. He could express himself and showed us how much he likes use a hammer. (It was a very good fun for everybody!)

Now everywhere there are strict rules connected with health and safety for everyone who helps us in building the pub. So if someone wants to visit us, please be careful! The rebuild is still in progress and we can not have people onsite without being accompanied.

Step by step, beautiful weather last week was enough to finish our new barn doors. Hard work, a little patience it’s produced a very professional job. Thanks to Jay and Tomasz. Good job boys!


As always The Brisley Bell is very busy. A lot of things to do, a lot of people to help, a lot of mess to clear up, but with small steps and hard work we are getting there.

It’s only months now to the end  and we look forward to finally seeing the results! And we hope that you do too!


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