01 November 2015

Hubble, bubble, toil and … more toil

So we’ve been busying away in the garden to get it cleared before winter arrives. We enrolled the talents of the lovely Slim to help with our hedge cutting and thanks to him we’ve found parts of the garden that haven’t seen the light of day for a few years. Now we have a beautifull ‘blank canvas’ ready for us to start planting a few trees and plotting out the vegetable garden.

Aware of how little time we have left working outside before the wet weather sets in, our focus has not been inside the pub… up until now. This week Amelia’s sisters came labouring for a day. After a slow start of a picnic lunch in the pub, soaking up the sun streaming through the bay window, we all made terrific inroads clearing all the rooms upstairs ready for the builders to refurbish. We did sterling work shifting tables, ripping up carpets and even sledge hammering a wall! There was no stopping the girls once they’d started and the kitchen is now gleaming! So a big thank-you to Tori and Cinders – your help was hugely appreciated. And thank you everyone else for your continuing support.

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