25 July 2016

A typical day

So as always, we’ve been busy!  And for a change we thought we’d give you an idea in pictures of what fills our days.


Stone picking from the meadow and the garden (mindless …and yet somehow satisfying, very therapeutic and definitely preferable to picking up sticks!)


Continuing to construct the garden. And now with the change in the weather, watering


Buying: visiting antiques centres and reclaim yards – Amelia’s favourite pastime


Selling: (Gumtree, if anyone’s interested)


Picking up supplies…. and unloading them (actually Tomasz and Amelia shifted the lion’s share of these bricks, but somehow Marcus got in the photo!)


Health and safety checks and oodles of paperwork (no, this is not Amelia, but she can’t do a selfie whilst holding so many papers!)


Interior design (the choices are endless, exciting and oh so difficult to decide, but we’re loving the mix of old and new)


Laying the drainage and sewage pipes (finished with spades, which was back breaking work – a brilliant job well done Mark and Marcus)


Continuing to hardcore the road down to the meadow


Having a cold beer at the end of a long day and watching the cricket (fixtures are on Fridays) on Brisley common.



Awaiting the results of our second bat survey, the pressure’s on. If we have bats roosting, we must stop the build – we’ll know by Wednesday this week. From the evidence collected so far, it’s looking very unlikely, so fingers crossed there should be no cause for delay.

If there are no bats roosting and anyone from the Ecology Department of Breckland District Council is kind enough to read our blog, once you’ve seen the results, your swift response would be wholeheartedly appreciated. The sooner we hear, the sooner we can lay our first brick.



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