18 November 2016

A Day in the Life of the Owners


6.30am: Alarm goes off. Blink away sleep and get up.

7am: Walk around with site manager Matt. Have ciggie & a coffee.

8am: Hop on the digger. Come to terms with this is where most of the day will be spent.

9am: Shift bricks, tiles, mud, ect.

10am: Have an hour-long meeting that was supposed to be 20 minutes.

11am: Work on the budget. Consider buying the winning lottery ticket.

12pm: Reply to page-long emails & drink lots of coffee.

1pm: Ask for lunch. Make a phone call and get put on hold for half an hour.

2pm: Back to the digger. Think about installing a cup holder.

3pm: Do something that results in being very muddy and/or dusty.

4pm: Try to tidy the site, get asked a million questions. Have ciggie.

5pm: Lock up & have a chat with Matt about progress, problems, and positives.

6pm: Touch base with Amelia

7pm: Spend an hour regaining strength, A.K.A power nap.

8pm: Muddle some supper together with remnants of the food in the fridge

Sleep. Repeat. 7 Days a week.

Marcus’ day in a picture:

Muddy Boots.JPG


6.30am: Alarm goes off. Five more minutes.

7am: Coffee. Black. No Sugar. Check emails.

8am: Make a large building order. Wonder how many more pairs of gloves will need to be ordered.

9am: Spend an hour arguing with utility companies.

10am: Meet with contractors/suppliers/tradesmen. Simultaneously, learn a whole new language – building jargon.

11am: Trap Marcus in the office to do paperwork. Make more phone calls.

12pm: Arrange for furniture to be picked up. Measure rooms to see if said furniture will fit.

1pm: Multitask making lunch while being bombarded with questions.

2pm: Simultaneously have two meetings about accounts and marketing

3pm: Spend more time on the phone, making appointments and bartering prices.

4pm: Print Invoices. Feel sorry for bank account.

5pm: Listen to voicemails from people who couldn’t get through earlier.

6pm: Update Marcus

7pm: More shopping!!

8pm: Realise there’s no food in the cupboards

Sleep. Repeat. 7 days a week.

Amelia’s day in a picture:


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